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Happy Reformation Day!

I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.
-Martin Luther

If you’re so inclined, click here for the 95 Theses in English, or here for the original Latin.

The Castle Church in Wittenberg

The Castle Church in Wittenberg

People tell me there’s something else going on today too… there were lots of people at school dressed up like Sarah Palin.

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this is my first cross-reference to another blog, which i feel like is a thing that alot of cool bloggers do, but my friend caroline is in argentina for the semester and she posted an entry that has one of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen so i wanted to share it with “the nielsen ratings” world… her blog is on our blogroll to the right if you want to know more about this place, but yall… just stare at this for a while.

unreal. in other news, we’re going to the plymouth/boston area this weekend so we’ll have some fun stuff to post about next week! but until then, just keep staring…

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snow before halloween.

so, i was at work this morning, and around 9AM, my co-worker looked over at me and said, “is it snowing?!?” well, we both went outside and sure enough it WAS snowing. this lasted for about 4 hours, and by the time i got out of work there were a couple of inches on the ground! it was surreal but true!

a couple of things i learned:

-wearing flip-flop and trying to walk in slushy snow is not a good combination. although, my solution of putting plastic bags over my flip-flops DID work pretty well…

-when there is ALOT of snow on your windshield, and you get into your car and think it might be a good idea to try your windshield wipers to get all the snow off… you probably should at least close the driver’s side door, because if you don’t, all of the snow will be wiped right into your car.. not fun.

-you probably should also attempt to wipe the snow off your back window before you leave for home, because it wont jsut automatically come off as your driving.

SO, those are my thoughts. so much to learn! i guess winter is here.


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getting colder…


a few fotos from my morning.

the odometer. yup, its pretty cold.


yes, that is ice on my window. it has been that way for the last three day. i am getting good at using the ice scraper.


yes, that is ice on my window. it has been that way for the last three days. i am getting pretty good at using the ice scraper.

p.s. i am very aware it is only october. and mid-october at that so this is just the beginning. BUT i also know my fellow floridians would be amazed by the ice, and a temperature that is below 80 degrees in october so i thought i would share the love.


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Reading Week and Family

Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve updated this thing.  I assure you I’ve thought about it, I just haven’t gotten around to it.  So you may wonder why I’m getting around to it on a Tuesday morning.  Shouldn’t I be in class?  Well, normally, yes, but the seminary has this magical time in the middle of the semester called reading week, where all classes are cancelled and everyone gets a chance to catch up.  Or at least that’s the idea.  I’m doing my best to prepare for next week.  The third installment of my seemingly never ending set of theology papers is due on Monday, this time on Augustine and Pelagius, and my Old Testament midterm is on Tuesday.  So it really is a blessing to have lots of time to prepare for both of those.

In other news…we lost again in flag football.  I think maybe it has something to do with our carolina blue shirts, or the fact that the team that beat us this week actually camped out on the field before the game so they could be there early to practice.  Needless to say, flag football here is a little intense.  And to make things worse, Wake got absolutely waxed by Maryland.  Isn’t basketball season almost here?

TBD (that's our team name) breaking the huddle

TBD (that's our team name) breaking the huddle.

The football losses aside, this past weekend was great.  My parents made the trip up from Winston and we got to show them around a little bit.  They got here Friday afternoon and we went out to lunch and then over to the seminary for a quick tour.  We also wandered around Princeton University and Nassau street as well.  Sarah cooked a wonderful dinner and dessert for us Friday night, but we were all so full afterwards that we went to bed early. 

Sarah's Brownie Trifle

Sarah's Brownie Trifle

Saturday morning my parents braved the cold to watch my 9am flag football game, and then we took to exploring some of the more historic sites around Princeton…

The historic Morven House

The historic Morven House

…which included Princeton Battlefield, from the Revolutionary War, and the Morven House, former home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and now home to a museum celebrating Princeton and the 225th anniversary of Princeton as the nation’s capital for five months in 1783.

Later that day, my mom and Sarah went grocery shopping (mom’s treat!, which means, among other things, I got a real box of Cherrios!) and my dad treated me to some golf.  It was the first time I’ve played since I’ve been up here, and I can’t say that I played very well, but it was a great to get back on the golf course, especially since we can see the golf course from our apartment complex.  We topped off the weekend with a nice dinner at Houlihan’s.  My parents left early Sunday morning to get back to Winston.

But now, it’s back to reading for me and work for Sarah.  I hope everyone reading this is well.



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hugs, hickory, and harmonicas…

well… sorry about the delay in this post but alot has been going on! soooo here is the update.

view from the retreat center. unreal!

view from the retreat center. unreal!

last friday i was able to head south to lead worship for a women’s retreat. it was awesome in so many ways. it was good to be in the mountains, it was good to spend some time on the road, it was good to be with other women, it was just good. my ride down was slowed a bit by some traffic as you can see from the foto but on the whole it was awesome. after the retreat i had some quality time with my dear friends kyle and karyn, and also go to see my friend caroline before heading back north. it was so fantastic to be around good friends, and get hugs, and play the harmonica! caroline and i got to jam out for a good bit and there is nothing better than playing guitar, having an awesome friend play harmonica, and worshipping jesus. i think one thing i realized i have been missing is hugs. when you are in a new place, you just don’t get quite as many hugs. this trip was FULL of hugs which was such a gift to me.

ohhhh traffic.

ohhhh traffic.

for those of you wondering, nick did survive. he had papers due today so he was able to get a head start on them. he also had 2 frozen pizzas to get him through the weekend. our neighbors were also SO kind and had him over to dinner one night. he has now turned in both papers, and is gearing up for another one next friday! oh the life of a seminarian.

this week has been just as busy as last weekend. tuesday night i had to catch up on grocery shopping (since i missed my normal sunday afternoon trip to the store). wednesday i had bible study and nick played raquetball. and last night i went to our new church and checked out there middle school youth group while nick finished his papers and watched wake beat clemson! i had fun at the youth group, although it was a little out of control. i guess i should have expected that from a middle school youth group. i am hoping to start getting more involved soon.

OK. almost done. random thoughts:

-nick and i are going out to eat for the first time since we moved here, thank god for gift cards!

-fsu beat miami. SO wonderful.

greg carr is ridiculous.

greg carr is ridiculous.

-we finally got paychecks in the bank. praise jesus!

-i miss my 6th grade girls like crazy!!!

love them all.

love them all.

-last but not least: i still have 13 thank you notes to write…. i think nick was done with his sept. 1. wow, gonna try to finish those this weekend!

lots of love friends. keep leaving comments. maybe that will get to write blog posts more often! ha… prob not but its a thought. i’ll leave with a foto of red leaves. the trees are all changing right now and it is AMAZING!


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