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oh, it seems like there is so much to say! but here are some random thoughts happenings from up here in the jerz.


-nick got me flowers on monday. BIG points. thought i would give him a shout out on here. go nick.


-i led my first birthday party last weekend. pretty big deal… ha, not really but ya know, wanted to brag about how quickly im moving up the ladder in the my gym world. pretty soon ill prob be the owner.


-sickness has been a constant in my life since i started working with all the kiddies. this week has been no exception. after a pretty rough cold for most of the week, i now have no voice, and nick seems to be following suit. good times.


-our neighbors downstairs, rob and megan, bought a wii last week. this has been a FUN new part of things. we can’t play a ton (b/c we don’t want them to get sick of us!) but we have had a lot of fun with it!!


-the highlight of the past week, maybe the past month, for me was that we went to the fsu maryland game last night in college park, md. before the season started, i was well aware that this game would be the closest that the fsu football team would come to princeton, nj. so in a bit of spontaneity (and after realizing i only had to work until 3, and the game was not until 8!) we found some tickets on stubhub and away we went! the noles dominated and it was beautiful. it was about 30 degrees i think, and we about froze, but i didn’t really care because it was so great to watch some live college football. there is nothing like it.


-lastly, in 2 days we will finally get to head back south for a bit! as soon as i get off work on tuesday we will drive to winston salem. on wednesday we will visit as many people as possible (i am super excited about my 2-5pm date with my 6th grade girls)! thursday is a day to give thanks and nick and i will be in clemson with nicks family as well as my parents which i am thrilled about! then we will enjoy some down time, go back through winston, go to 1st pres on sunday morning, and then head back. should be an refreshing time. ill leave with some photos from the game… hope to see alot of you soon!

love the noles!

love the noles!

how fsu fans stay warm in these northern climates.

how fsu fans stay warm in these northern climates.


the game didn't distract nick quite as much from the cold weather. he was bundled.

the game didnt distract nick as much from the cold weather. he was bundled!



we decided our first thanksgiving tradition will be going to the fsu game the weekend before turkey day! sounds good to me 🙂

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Thoughts from school

Greetings to all.  Things here in New Jersey have been rather normal lately, but maybe this will make you think…

I’m not sure that anyone will be particularly interested in this entry, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get what’s in my head onto the computer in a clear and/or concise manner, but I just need to share a few random thoughts from school. So bear with me. In my Old Testament class we’ve been discussing the Babylonian exile of the Jews and their subsequent release by the Persian Empire around 527BC. The discussion really got me thinking about perspective in history and who we think of as the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ (and not in some politically correct way). In fact, maybe the ‘good guys’ even fight each other.

As Christians, we look to the Jews and the Old Testament as the forbearers of our faith. The Jews were the first to worship the one true God and from their lineage came Jesus. The Old Testament tells the story of the Jewish people and God’s promises and in part portrays the Persians, and especially their king Cyrus, as a righteous instrument of the Lord (see Isaiah 45). God anoints Cyrus to free Israel and help rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. From the Biblical portrayal he seems like a pretty good guy with a pretty good empire. Of course, Israel is still a vassal state, subservient to the greater empire, but is nonetheless in a much better position thanks to the Persians.

As Westerners, proud of our heritage, we hold up the Greeks as the fathers of democracy, history, and philosophy, among other things. But the Greek portrayal of the very same Persian Empire is remarkably different. There is a healthy respect between the Greeks and Persians, but generally in western history, we see the Persians as the bad guys. The Greeks aren’t exactly happy that the Persians want to take them over and in no way think they’re anointed by God. Basically, the Persians are the enemy.

The Persian Empire (including Israel) and Greece

The Persian Empire (including Israel) and Greece

So from the perspective of two of our historical ‘good guy’ groups, the Jews and Greeks, the Persians represent very different things. How do we treat those two perspectives? But here’s what I think is interesting. The Persians certainly used conscription to fill out their military, and although the Jews were exempted from military service by the Romans, it seems possible that there were at least some Jews conscripted into the Persian army. In 490BC, the Persians first attempted to invade the Greek mainland, while Israel was still firmly under their control. So is it possible that Israelites were fighting Greeks? Could it be that, as Western Christians, two of our historical ‘good guys’ were fighting each other? I’m not sure, but it makes me think, and it makes me wish my classes were more flexible so I could spend some time looking into this. I’m not sure this is that big of a deal, but I’ve never heard it discussed before. It certainly raises some questions and makes we wonder. If you care, let me know what you think.

Gratia vobiscum


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the rock.

so, alot has happened since we last posted… sorry for the delay!

last weekend, we took our first big journey and traveled to plymouth, ma for the night. we arrived at GeeBee’s  (my grandma) on saturday night and received some wonderful local food! geebee has tried to become a locavour after reading a book called animal, vegetable, miracle. it was amazing to see the ways she has been able to get things that are only locally grown. we had cheese, shrimp, fish, bread, green beans, and even sweet potato pie that were all produced right around plymouth. i know i am not doing the process justice, but it did make me want to go to the farmers market here to try to my part!

mayflower II

mayflower II

the rock

the rock

but anyway, after our meal and good night’s rest, we ventured out on a cold sunday morning to see plymouth rock, a reproduction of the mayflower, and plimouth plantation which is a reinvention of a 17th century village that the pilgrims settled in. it was so great! we then had to leave which was a bummer! but we are so grateful for the time we had with geebee and can’t wait to see her again at christmas!

our journey then continued as we traveled north an hour to get to boston. we met our wonderful friends justin and holly, and erin and austin for dinner at wagamama and it was SO great to see familiar faces! we reminisced about the DR and although our time was so short with them, it was still a gift to be able to catch up on our crazy lives.

dsc_0627this week has been back to the routine. we have enjoyed having a pretty normal week. next week looks like more of the same so we’ll prob keep this “normal” thing up until thanksgiving! i’m sure nick will update again soon with more from his seminary world but i think thats all for now. we miss winston, florida, and warm weather 🙂 keep us in your prayers!

p.s. i would like to put up a pic from saturday’s game for katie sovik (i love you!). how bout them noles?!

Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper, top, is hit by Florida State defensive end Everette Brown as he throws a pass in during an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008, in Tallahassee, Fla.  The pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper, top, is hit by Florida State defensive end Everette Brown as he throws a pass in during an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008, in Tallahassee, Fla. The pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.


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