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oh, it seems like there is so much to say! but here are some random thoughts happenings from up here in the jerz.


-nick got me flowers on monday. BIG points. thought i would give him a shout out on here. go nick.


-i led my first birthday party last weekend. pretty big deal… ha, not really but ya know, wanted to brag about how quickly im moving up the ladder in the my gym world. pretty soon ill prob be the owner.


-sickness has been a constant in my life since i started working with all the kiddies. this week has been no exception. after a pretty rough cold for most of the week, i now have no voice, and nick seems to be following suit. good times.


-our neighbors downstairs, rob and megan, bought a wii last week. this has been a FUN new part of things. we can’t play a ton (b/c we don’t want them to get sick of us!) but we have had a lot of fun with it!!


-the highlight of the past week, maybe the past month, for me was that we went to the fsu maryland game last night in college park, md. before the season started, i was well aware that this game would be the closest that the fsu football team would come to princeton, nj. so in a bit of spontaneity (and after realizing i only had to work until 3, and the game was not until 8!) we found some tickets on stubhub and away we went! the noles dominated and it was beautiful. it was about 30 degrees i think, and we about froze, but i didn’t really care because it was so great to watch some live college football. there is nothing like it.


-lastly, in 2 days we will finally get to head back south for a bit! as soon as i get off work on tuesday we will drive to winston salem. on wednesday we will visit as many people as possible (i am super excited about my 2-5pm date with my 6th grade girls)! thursday is a day to give thanks and nick and i will be in clemson with nicks family as well as my parents which i am thrilled about! then we will enjoy some down time, go back through winston, go to 1st pres on sunday morning, and then head back. should be an refreshing time. ill leave with some photos from the game… hope to see alot of you soon!

love the noles!

love the noles!

how fsu fans stay warm in these northern climates.

how fsu fans stay warm in these northern climates.


the game didn't distract nick quite as much from the cold weather. he was bundled.

the game didnt distract nick as much from the cold weather. he was bundled!



we decided our first thanksgiving tradition will be going to the fsu game the weekend before turkey day! sounds good to me 🙂

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