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community time.

one things that is fun about the weekends is that we normally spend time with our neighbors rob and megan. we eat dinner together and then play a game of mexican train dominoes, or play wiifit, or megan and i watch something on TLC while rob and nick play some game called age of empires? not sure if that is the correct name of the game, BUT regardless… its always a good time.


all that to say, here is a video of rob and nick boxing on wii last night. ALWAYS hilarious.

so… thats about it… as you can see, nick has made it back! he will post on his time in winston soon, but he did have a great time at home… lots of love from princeton.

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normalcy and nouwen.

so. i know nick just posted yesterday, but i havent been posted in a while, so what do you know.. two posts in two days!

its weird because i know things are happening up here but when i sit down to reflect its all a blur! but here are some random highlights…


-NORMALCY! (is that a word?) we are finally back in routine after the the fun and craziness of the holidays. sunday we rest, monday is date night. tuesday i have been back in a bible study with some other seminary wives. wednesday, nick is meeting with some guys in a bible study. thursday-saturday fluctuate but it normally involves me hanging out with some friends, nick playing raquetball with dan, us eating dinner with our neighbors rob and megan one night, and watching LOTS of fun sports like college basketball and the nfl playoffs. SO. all that to say, it has been good to have things get back to routine after a break for the holidays.


-i have been searching my soul a bit to find purpose in new jersey. not that i don’t love the 14 degree weather and working 6 days a week! ha… but i know that god has more for me here. SO, i called on someone who knows alot about “purpose-work”: my mom. so we are currently in the process of going through HER process and trying to come up with ways i can be more “on-purpose” here. we just started a couple of weeks ago, but i think its going well. i’ll keep you posted if you keep me in your prayers!


-at the bible study i go to we are starting to go through henri nouwen’s book reaching out.  its going to be amazing. henri nouwen has come into my life  SO much over the past year. when i was working at 1st pres last year, molly (the middle school youth pastor i worked under) and i went through the wounder healer together. nick gave me a book that helped him grow alot life of the beloved. then, a few of my friends were reading the inner voice of love so i started reading that one too. inner voice changed me. it was something so powerful and god used it to bring more healing and freedom into my life. i have probably bought 5 copies which i have given to friends, and currently have two extra copies sitting on my desk to give to whoever else the lord puts on my heart. lastly, this summer i read return of the prodigal which again, was unbelievable. all that to say, i am really excited about going through another book of his.


-one excuse i have for not writing on this blog as much is that my blog-writing time is split between two blogs. i know, i know… sorry for being unfaithful. my 6th grade girls (who are now in 7th grade, though i don’t see them that way…) and i have a blog which i try to write on daily. i would tell you the link, but abigail, my super-smart computer girl, has it so that only me and them can view it. sorry. anyway, just had to confess. but it really is the greatest thing ever and an awesome way to stay in touch with them. i feel like i know as much, if not more, about their lives now as i did when i was in winston. 


i think that is it for now. no fancy pictures this entry… as nick said he is leaving tomorrow. this is great for him and i am so happy that he gets to see his family but he will be missed here! im gonna get ready and then give two little kids the best birthday parties they’ve ever had! miss home! miss winston! lots of love.

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This time I’m done in lower case letters.  I’m still done, but there was only one class in this short semester.  Our final was yesterday, and it turned out a bit more difficult than the midterm, but overall I think it went well.  The question I chose to answer asked about the background to the Barmen declaration, which came in response to the Nazi heresy in Germany, and the Presbyterian Confession of 1967.  That part of the question was no problem.  The second part, however, asked us to compare and contrast the contexts and theology of the two documents, something we hadn’t done in class.  So I compared and contrasted them, that part just a bit more subjective and I’m not sure exactly what the profs were going for.

In other news, I’m excited about heading to North Carolina for a few days this week.  The spring semester doesn’t start until Feb. 2, so I’ll get to enjoy home and the slightly warmer temperatures in NC.  Although, it was 40 degrees here today for the first time in weeks, so that was a nice surprise.

Otherwise, nothing too exciting going on here.   Hope everyone reading this is well!

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1.  School started.  Presbyterian History and Theology.  For three hours every day.  We had our midterm yesterday, and I got to spit back in essay form everything I knew about American Presbyterianism up through the Civil War.  It could have been at lot worse.  It’s a strange feeling taking a big midterm after only a week in the class, and knowing that the final is a week from tomorrow.  But that’s just the nature of the class.  It’s just one big cram session.  For example, on the midterm, we were responsible for three hours of lecture material from the day before.  But then again, I don’t really have time to forget anything either.  I thought this part of the blog deserved a picture, so I’ll leave you with an interesting nugget of knowledge I picked up from class…

Francis Makemie: The Father of American Presbyterianism. He is credited with founding the first Presbytery in the United States in 1706.

2.  Winter is here and it’s cold.  I was going to complain until I looked at the forecast for Grove City, PA, where my sister is, and realized it’s much worse there.  But tomorrow will be 8 degrees.  I think this will be my first single digit temperature experience in a long time.  I’m also slightly curious to see how fast things will freeze if I leave them on the porch.  I’ll let you know if I have enough time to experiment.

As I'm writing it's a rather balmy 25.9F outside.  (Thanks for the thermometer Mom and Dad!)

As I'm writing it's a rather balmy 25.9F outside. (Thanks for the thermometer Mom and Dad!)

3.  Wake Forest beat UNC on Sunday.  I enjoy it anytime anyone beats Carolina, but especially when its Wake (or Duke).  Turns out there a couple of UNC alums in my class right now, which made the next day enjoyable as well.  Honestly, I didn’t think Wake was going to pull it out.  I was prepared for a loss, and wasn’t sure we could watch the game around here, so for the 1st half I studied and followed it on the Internet.  But when I saw it was tied at halftime, I decided we needed to go watch the 2nd half.  We ended up at TGIFriday’s near our house to watch the 2nd half, although without sound.  Comically, our soundtrack for the game was this feisty, very upset, woman Giant’s fan and a slightly inebriated Eagles fan arguing the entire time.  For most of the time, I was convinced there wasn’t going to be a fight simply because the Giants fan was a woman, but as the night wore on, I became less confident.  In the end though, they stayed away from each other, only trading verbal jabs.  It made for a fun and entertaining night.

I think that’s it.

Hasta luego.

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what consumes my time…

OK. here are some pictures from my job, just an addition to video i posted a few days ago…


the gym pt.1

the gym pt.1

the gym pt. 2

the gym pt. 2

the gym pt 3

the gym pt 3

some hi-lites of the gym: a trampoline, a ball pit, a high bar, a balance beam, uneven bars, slides!, and swings that we bring out and hang on the rings in the middle of the room. i KNOW you guys wish you could come play!


cute jocelyn.

cute jocelyn.

lleyton jumpin on the trampoline

lleyton jumpin on the trampoline

cimg4243good times at my gym. AND i’ll leave you with a totally random youtube video that plays the songs i have to sing 2084 times a day. this song shows up in my dreams nightly.


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History, History everywhere!

Today, for the most part, I’ve been doing my reading for class on Monday.  But you see, there’s only so long I can read about Presbyterian history and theology before I need a break.  I looked at the outside temperature and noticed that it had warmed all the way up to 35 and wasn’t even that windy.  So  I decided to take a walk.  Right behind our apartment complex is a canal with a really nice walking/running/biking path along side of it.  I had used this path in the past, but had only gone one way (the way towards school).  Today, I took the road less traveled and less than 1/2 mile down the path, I came across this:

I knew the Princeton Battlefield wasn’t that far away, but to think of George Washington, at a turning point in the Revolutionary War, marching his army 232 years ago through what is now functionally my back yard is pretty cool.  At least to me.  It also partially explains why at one point during the fall I saw man dressed like a Revolutionary War soldier walking out of the woods near the path.  It also gives me even more appreciation for what the soldiers did, since tonight is the anniversary of the march, and it’s supposed to be 25 and snowing.  I was cold walking around during the day, and that’s with all my modern winter clothing.

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