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2 more days…

the surprise is now two days away. im stoked. i will give more info after it happens.


not much else it is new. it was 92 degrees yesterday. it is 65 today. jersey is strange.


been painting alot… here is one of the newest. no title yet… 


nick started class again today. its for three weeks. its called teaching the bible in small group. should be super practical.


lots of love from the jerz.




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there are leaves on the trees.

im about to go get my work on, but wanted to just say whats up.


orlando magic are playing tonight, my cool parents are going so lets cheer them on!


speaking of my cool parents, my dad got a harley. i’m not surprised.


speaking of surprises, something is happening in 10 days which i cannot discuss yet but its going to be the greatest surprise ever.


speaking of great things, i think painting is great, here is my newest, yet to be titled interaction with colors and a canvas.


speaking of colors, purple is and has always been my favorite color.


speaking of favorites, my favorite thing about this blog is getting comments so come on people.


speaking of comments, i have one comment to say about this summer. it is going to be SO good.


speaking of good, i would like to go eat some good food so i’m out.


speaking of the word out, the power went out last tuesday during the middle of one of our my gym classes, it was hilarious. we had to do everything in a cappella.


speaking of my gym, i’m moving up the ladder…. more news on that later.


speaking of later, see ya later….


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Halfway Home

One exam down, one more to go.  I had New Testament this morning, which unfortunately, didn’t focus on the parts of the NT which I know best.  But overall, I think it went ok.  Greek is tomorrow morning.  And then I’m done.  But right now, I’m tired and can’t wait to be done.

Also, I signed up for summer and fall classes.  Intensive Hebrew this summer for 8 weeks and then Preaching, Missional Theology and Early and Medieval Church History in the fall main term.

That’s it for now.  One more day…


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he arose…

happy easter all…


just wanted to post a few pics and a video on this blessed day. 


first is the dessert we’ll be enjoying this afternoon, thank you paula dean.


chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. YUM.

chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. YUM.


next is my handsome hubby in a tie. i picked it out, but he rocked it.



and finally… here is a video of a song that is speaking to me this easter weekend. its by phil wickham and its called true love. check it out.



when blood and water hit the ground
walls we couldn’t move came crashing down
we were free and made alive
the day that true love died, the day that true love died…


im off to make some pork tenderloin, but happy easter friends. 


he arose, he arose, hallelujah, christ arose!


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cimg43603ok. this might be the sun. or it might be a flower. or it might be fire. or it might just be a fierce display of color. take your pick.



a side note is the one of my favorite things about looking at art is checking out the brush strokes. i like to think about the artist with a brush and a lot of paint. and the brush strokes help me get that image. SO, all that to say, i think i am digging using paint, and having it be almost 3-D. a lame digital foto doesn’t quite show you the depth, but its killer. 


side note number 2, and more applicable to the blog world, is that i’ve been listening to pandora radio the past few night while i’ve painted. if you haven’t heard of it, you go to this site, you type in the name of an artist you like, and then it plays a radio station with that artist, as well as others that are similar to the person you typed in. its basically awesome music. no commercials. and at any time you can skip to the next song. for real, check it out. it also helps you discover new music. the station i have been listening to is based off of alexi murdoch. sweet guitar. deep irish voice. good painting music.


side note number 3, i did on the inside of another cereal box. i mean, who really needs canvas? 


ok thats all for now. two days till easter. that is def a good thing.

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didnt have a canvas…

but did have magazines, glue and a side of a cereal box… so…



don’t mean to overload this thing with art… this is just a good way to keep my mom updated on my current creative outlet. thanks for participating.


p.s. the previous one is an orange sky and a purple ocean in my eyes…. but thats just my interpretation of it. you can call it whatever you’d like. much love from the jerz.



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