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Back to School

Well, there’s not a whole lot to report from Princeton.  Classes started last Monday and I made it through the first week unscathed.  It is going to be a busy semester though, with 4 classes and two jobs.  I’m still holding down the fort at the library on Wednesday nights as well as working 10-12 hours a week at the church we’ve been attending.  Classes are Early and Medieval Church History, Preaching, Missional Theology, and a class to practice doing weddings, funerals, baptisms and the Lord’s supper.   It’s a little early to tell which will be my favorite, but my money is on church history for now.

We also had our first intramural flag football practice yesterday and our first game is a week from today.  Sarah is staying more than busy with work and lamenting Florida State’s loss to Southern Florida today.

We’ve also started to have some fall weather, which means some of the leaves are starting to change.  (Temps are down in the 40s some nights)

Otherwise, we’re excited to be here for a few weekends just to relax and watch some football on TV.    I hope everyone out there reading this is doing well.  And Happy Birthday Mom!

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pre, phils, and poconos.

hello blog world. wow… we are averaging about two posts a month. we of course desire to have a better average than that, but this is all we got for now.

ok- we’ve been busy… but been having a ton of fun. the new addition to the family has been the palm pre. some people have pets, some people have babies, i have a palm pre. it is amazing! it is like an iphone, but a little cooler. i can pretty much solve all of life’s problems on it. i’m a little obsessed, but trying to contain the excitement. i discover something super new and super cool on it every day. yay for the palm pre!


in other news, we cashed in on one of nick’s bday presents from my parents and went to a phillies game last wednesday night. it was super fun to go to a big league game, and even though the phils lost we had a great time going to the game. we are def planning on going to some games next summer.


beautiful sunset... and all captured but the coolest phone in the world that also happens to be a pretty decent camera!

beautiful sunset... and all captured but the coolest phone in the world that also happens to be a pretty decent camera!

then on friday of last week we ventured to the poconos for an awesome weekend away with both of our parents. we stayed in an awesome house in tannersville, pa and greatly enjoyed having fun with our families. we played games (farkle, uno, phase ten…), watch college football, went hiking, saw some awesome waterfalls, and totally relaxed. we are both so grateful to our parents for coming up for the long weekend and spending time with us. we loved it!




bushkills falls...

bushkill falls...

nick's personal fav. my man's got hops.

nick's personal fav. my man's got hops.

we are now back to reality, though its a slow week for both us. nick has finished hebrew (yay!) and we are doing som major cleaning at the gym so this is the calm before fall starts. summer has been incredible, so many weddings and so many fun trips, but now it is time to nestle in for a while which is not necessarily a bad thing.

cleaning mats!!

cleaning mats!!

cleaning all the toys!

cleaning all the toys!

we are looking forward to continuing to meet new friends, lots of college football (i won’t mention the sad fsu loss last night), enjoying the leaves changing, and exploring more of the jerz!


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