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so, my friend leslie introduced me to something called the “30 day shred” by jillian micheals who is one of the trainers for the biggest loser. i did it once and thought it would awesome, especially to get to work out a bit during the winter. sooo, i bought it. because we have football practice tonight i am not going to start today but tomorrow, watch out. the 30 day shred will begin, ill let you know it works….

in other news, good to see fsu back in the W column. i think it was the first time nick and i BOTH were cheering against carolina. christian ponder is amazing.

annnndddd… speaking of college football, the refs which i called terrible during the florida-arkansas game were suspended… thats what i thought.

not much else to speak of, should be a laid back weekend which will be nice. we have two flag football games tomorrow morning which will hopefully not be rained out! i’ll report back soon.

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i love sundays.

just so i can get a different picture up than the other one.. here are some fotos from today…

pulled pork... yum!

pulled pork... yum!

and a painting i did. kinda crazy.

and a painting i did. kinda crazy.

happy sunday friends.

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Picture a day

As some of you may have noticed, Sarah wrote on the blog yesterday that she liked the idea of posting a picture a day.  Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of picture worthy activity today.  Thus, Sarah suggested we leave you with this…brokentoeDuring our flag football game this morning, which we lost, my toe was stepped on by someone with cleats.  I didn’t really think anything of it, partially because it was so cold and wet I couldn’t feel my feet, but when I got home, it still hurt.  This is what I found when I took of my sock.  Still can’t walk on it, but it should be fine in a few days.  Enjoy!


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not much to post on this lazy friday evening but i thought i would just write some thoughts…

-its cold in the jerz. it was 40 when i woke up, 42 by the time i left work and should hit 45 by sundown. apparently a noreaster (is that even how you spell it?) came through. but its all good. lots of good things keeping us warm and happy.

-one of the things keeping us happy is a box nick’s mom sent us. it has more little wrapped items than i can even count. and our instructions are to open them whenever we are cold, or need a pick me up! it is awesome. so far we opened a candle (when i was putting my summer clothes away) and some sweet note cards which have some specific instructions (which i cant share or else it’ll ruin the surprise!). we are grateful to nick’s mom for her love and thoughtfulness!

-i have been enjoying a supper club type things with some great girls up here. every thursday night there are 6 of us that get together and share dinner, laughter, and vino. its fantastic. and last night we kicked it up by making s’mores. SO GOOD. just put some marshmallows in the oven on broil for a couple minutes and bam… you have perfect marshmallows to add to some graham crackers and chocolate. amazing.

S'mores (4071) - BSP Assignment #206005

-i’ve been listening to phil wickham alot lately. he is so good…. some lyrics…

“divine romance”

The fullness of Your grace is here with me
The richness of Your beauty’s all I see
The brightness of Your glory has arrived
In Your presence God, I’m completely satisfied

For You I sing I dance
Rejoice in this divine romance
Lift my heart and my hands
To show my love, to show my love

A deep deep flood, an Ocean flows from You
Of deep deep love, yeah it’s filling up the room
Your innocent blood, has washed my guilty life
In Your presence God I’m completely satisfied

-and one last thing… geeebee, my amazing grandmother found out there is a kandinsky exhibit at the guggenheim in nyc. nick and i have yet to pick a date to go but we will soon! in college i wrote a term paper about kandinsky and have been incredibly interested in his work…  so good


hope you all are doing well. we’ll try to be more consistent in blogging. i like what my best friend kel does… a pic a day. its easy and awesome. need to work on that. much love from the (cold) jerz…

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this and that.

well, i kind of don’t know where to begin because there is nothing huge going on…. but there is alot of this and alot of that so here are my ramblings:

  • fsu lost. again. not too cool. i am still wearing my seminole garb. i will keep watching. but i have somehow had to find the way to get by without it consuming me or else my saturdays would be pretty miserable. today, i watched the game online and then had gilmore girls on the tv… it helped to be multitasking.
  • speaking of gilmore girls, our new neighbors downstairs are awesome. their names are ben and karen. they just got married and are from texas. karen has all of the gilmore girls seasons, so i have enjoyed some of my down time hanging out with her and watching some gilmore.
  • speaking of new neighbors, we also have new neighbors to our right. they are kaley and zach and they are from the sunshine state which is super cool. and they own phase 10! so nick and i have journey over to 6b to play some phase 10, hope that event occurs more often. a fun side note is that zach happens to be a clown in his free time. AND we were lucky enough to capture him in action after he was at a 3 year old birthday party
believe it folks.

believe it folks.

  • we had our first flag football game this morning which was super fun! i actually was able to play because i didn’t have to work and it was awesome. we’ll be reporting more as the season begins… go holy rollers. (yes, that is our name.)
  • painted again a couple nights ago, thought i would share…
(the) fall.

(the) fall.

  • work out plan is in action. a few weeks ago i got inspired to get on a health kick. so… the diet has changed a bit. and more importantly, the working out has changed. my friend jenn and i have been working out together which has been a great accountability to keep me going. i’ll keep you posted.
  • its getting cold. well, its getting cooler. i wouldnt call it cold yet. but the leaves are starting to change and i now get to wear this to work…


  • we are now about to begin the 4th season of west wing. its awesome.
  • books i am reading: the shack and the prodigal god. both so good.
  • music i am listening too: alexi murdoch, hillsong united, mat kearney, and patty griffin…. GOOD STUFF.
  • blogs i love : kel and ty, doug and jessica, kaley and zach (new neighbors), dan and leslie. blogs are cool.

and i think thats all i got for now. i am sure there are lots of other random things i could say but that is the update from now. we are hunkering down and gonna be bringing out the winter clothes soon. lots of love from up here.


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