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the ohs.

a couple days ago, i read a blog that was a reflection of the past 10 years in bullet format. i thought i would try it. we are sitting here in orlando with my sweet parents on new years eve (also my mom’s birthday!!) so it seems like a good time to look back. so much has happened. it is amazing to see how the lord has led my parents, me, as well as nick and how it all somehow has led to this.


-freshman in high school, playing jv basketball at cfca


-learned to play guitar and started leading worship at ascension.

-sophmore, made the big move to first academy. hard decision for me, but best decision…. met sweet friends katie schrimsher (anderson), lindsay sterchi (drake), and ashley.

-9/11- was in a classroom watching it all unfold on a tv… was totally surreal. they sent us home from school to be with our families. still unreal that it happened.


-junior year, continued to love tfa. played varsity basketball… and loved it.


-senior year. loved it. made the decision to attend the florida state university in the fall. best decision ever.

-went to the dominican republic for the first time in june of 2003. would forever change my life.


-sophomore year at fsu. continued to grow closer to the lord as well as returned to the the dominican that summer.

-went on a mission trip to rutgers university, and visited princeton for the first time. mysteriously loved it!


-junior year at fsu

-june ’05- spent 5 weeks in the dominican republic. met nick for the first time (who knew??) as well as my dear friends kel, and linds, and would meet sal the next year! was a beautiful summer.


-spent the summer in the dominican again, and after lindsay’s wedding in august nick and i started to email… the beginning of something incredible!

-dec ’06- graduated from fsu after 3 and a half years. still love my noles


-jan ’07- began dating nick!

-jan-may- 5 month road trip with my best friend kelly. 35 states, 3 countries. woah.

-june- began working at 1st pres in winston salem.

-dec 10, 2007- nick and i were engaged!


-finished my internship at 1st pres in winston, i continue to view that place as my second home

-aug 9, 2009: best day of my life! married nick.

-moved to princeton, nj


-celebrated one year of marriage!

-continued to build friendships in new jersey

not that i assume anyone is super interest in the last ten years of my life…. but thanks for taking the time to scan through this. maybe i can make nick do it as well! ha, we’ll see. we’ll post again when we are back in princeton with pictures and stories of our amazing winter break… but for now just wanted to reflect a little bit. hope everyone has an amazing night and that 2010 begins good for yall! lots of love.

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snow day…



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video greeting!!!!

thought we might try this out!


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roll tide.

well… its been TOO long since the last post, but alots going on. which you will now learn about!

-thanksgiving! wow, what a time… my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, my grandma and my sweet friend from fsu all came to princeton to celebrate the holiday! we had lots of food! we went to the city on friday. we suffered through a rough fsu-uf game on saturday, and i learned how to knit by sunday! what a weekend.

the list! helped us keep everything organized.

the SPREAD! wow. it was soooo good.

also we went to see the rockets while we were in the city!

coolest thing ever!

toy soldiers.

my mama and me!we loved being in new york. we loved being with the family. it was such a needed break. we cant wait to see our families again soon over christmas. probably the moment of the weekend was when me, my mom, kathy, and geebee were all sitting on couch knitting and nick, my dad and my brother were playing hot shots golf on the playstation. HILARIOUS. it was a nice picture of the weekend.

also, sidenote… this was just any knitting. geebee has been doing something called afghans for afghans, its where you knit different afghans that are sent to afghans in afghanistan. kind of awesome. so we’re able to spending time that we are just sitting here watching football, to make things for others in need.

since they left  its been work, work, work. ive worked over 4o hours this week. and nick has papers and sermons and reading galore. so its been crazy… but today has been great.

since i got home from work around 3:30, we have spent most of the watching sports…

such as…

-duke beating st. johns

-wake beating gonzaga

-and most importantly… some sad gators.

too bad....

roll tide!

i probably found a little too much excitement in the gators losing, but i mean come on… the first time in 22 games and eluding mr. tebow of his perfect season. i just cant deny the happiness inside of me.

now it is time to sleep for a long time. i am SO tired and want to do things such as address christmas card and get our christmas tree up tomorrow. so must say goodnight. roll tide roll.


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