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it sometimes seems like there is nothing to write about but if i think long and hard – i should be able to come up with something.

past few weeks:

-was doing a bday party for a 4 year old and she asked me to do face painting. after surveying the situation, i found a pen and a highlighter and proceeded to draw on her face. it was awesome

-nick went down to winston for a couple nights to meet with the session of 1st pres. we was approved by them, and goes back down tomorrow to meet with nominating committee! all steps movin closer to getting ordained.

-there is not much that is better than chocolate fondue… we had our whole building (about 7 couples and some kids!) over on thursday night for a little fondue get together. we are so blessed to be in this building. our neighbors are so great and it really is so fun to get to spend time with them!

-my (awesome) family is having a friendly biggest loser competition… this means that me, my bro, and my dad are all in the competition! its sounds crazy but its been really fun and its a great way to stay healthy. i recently took the next big step and joined a gym right by where i work. watch out. game on.

-last night we learned how to play the game settlers. it was AWESOME. we love hanging out with our friends dan and leslie, and we LOVE the new games they teach us!

-this thursday we’ll be traveling to sweet winston-salem! nick has another meeting, and i am going on the womens retreat with 1st pres so it should be an awesome weekend. that community is such a gift to us.

-been listening alot phil wickham’s cd heaven and earth. SO GOOD.

-for christmas my brother got me ncaa football 2009 for playstation2. it has been consuming some of my time… currently i am towards the end of a season and my record is 9-1. if only the noles were that good in real life…

-we have made it season 6 in west wing! wow. still love it.

-nick starts his spring semester tomorrow. hard to believe we are halfway through our time here.

we are off to enjoy some yummy dinner with friends, but just wanted to check in. ill try to get nick to post sometime soon. we’ll see how that goes 🙂 hope to see some of yall in winston this weekend!


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ok. the long overdue christmas update. so much to speak of!

ok… we’ll break this up into winston and orlando.

winston: dec 23-28

  • first, i totally failed taking pictures. so that was a bummer… but much fun was had!
  • christmas was wonderful. it was so good to be with nick’s family and experience their fun traditions. we went to first pres on thursday afternoon to see the christmas pageant, then hunkered down for a wonderful christmas day. we opened christmas presents, had some really good breakfast casserole, watched basketball, and just enjoyed time with family. so good.
  • friends! being in winston means seeing good friends. i was able to see my dear friend lindsay for the first time in almost 2 years! as well as meet her sweet baby avery. also was able to see my friends kelly, lindsay carmen, and sally. AMAZING. love reunions.
  • nick, the preacherman, nielsen also made an appearance at first pres on sunday morning. he spoke on john 1, the word becoming flesh. it was awesome and a good reminder to focus on the savior even AFTER all the christmas festivities are over.
  • overall recap: SO good to be in the great state of north carolina with nick’s gracious family. we love winston, and those who live there!

orlando: dec 29-jan 1

  • shannon’s wedding! my sweet friend of 15 years began wedded bliss with andy the aussie on jan 30th! it was a beautiful ceremony and so sweet to be with shannon on her big day. i’ll miss them alot when they move to australia.BRIDE!
  • new years eve is my mom’s birthday! so we enjoyed taking care of her, going to a yummy dinner at houston’s, and celebrating the new year at 11:15pm 🙂 it was fantastic
  • jan 1 = GAME DAY. bobby’s last game. the noles finished it on a good note!
  • THEN the DRIVE. 17 hours. 4 stops. 9 states. killer.

i think thats the summary. kind of all over the place, but its a glimpse at what has been going on!

i will leave you with this. its about 5 minutes. the camera work is a bit shaky. BUT, its a glimpse into 3 of my favorite 8th grade girls. i love them. i love being with them. i love what happens when i am with them!

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