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explaining the absence.

oh golly. the amount of things that have happened in the past three weeks are more than this little blog can handle. but i am going to attempt to catch up. and i have no idea how to keep you interested in this but i will try.

start at the very beginning, the very best place to start. A NEW JOB! after a lot of prayers and seeking advice, we decided it would be best for me to walk away from My Gym. i loved my job. i really did. but going 6 days a week, and being on call if someone couldnt come in was just TIRING! it was time to walk away, and it was really hard, but i know we made the right choice. goodbye my gym, i’ll miss you.

its the start of something new… amazingly, and with god’s provision, i was able to have a new job secured by the time i had my last day at my gym. starting monday march 29, i will be working at a bright horizons day care facility. i will be an assistant teacher for a toddler classroom (18mos to 2 1/2 yrs). so i will continue to be working with babies! which brings alot of joy to my life. they are awesome. and unpredictable. and make me LAUGH! i am looking forward to this new adventure.

on the road again, i just couldn’t wait to get on the road again… SO, my last day at my gym was march 12. my first day at bright horizons is march 29. that meant 2 WEEKS OFF! holy cow, my own spring break. so what did i do? travel of course. here was my trip summary:

  • monday, march 15: drive to winston with catherine, nick’s sister who had gotten stuck at jfk airport coming back from the dominican. such an awesome surprise to have a friend to drive with!
  • tuesday, march 16: enjoyed time with LOTS of dear friends in winston. took my girls to starbucks after school. had hero house with nicks family. caught up with sal. was AWESOME.

  • wednesday, march 17: st. paddys day! went to hanes middle school for lunch, saw more sweet people, and then headed to davidson for the evening. was able to visit with the AMAZING wallace family. kyle was my youth pastor when i was in high school, and his sweet kids are now 7, 5, 4, 2. kyle, karyn, quinn, xander, kayne, and kore were such a wonderful blessing.

  • thursday, march 18: ATLANTA! i continued driving south to see my best friend kelly! we were able to spend alot of time talking, catching up, and just hanging out! we were able to go to lunch with sweet sarah trappe (another dominican summer staff alum) which was so fun and then we watched ALOT of basketball. the beginning of march madness was so fun to watch! her husband tyler came home and we were able to spend a relaxing night together 🙂

  • friday, march 19: more atlanta, and more basketball. we continued to drive around and i was able to see decatur, where kel works. and in the evening we enjoy mellow mushroom and yup, more basketball.

  • saturday, march 20: after enjoying a relaxing morning, kel, ty, and i took advantage of free italian ice (for the first day of spring!) from ritas and then back to winston i went.

  • sunday, march 21: went and got bagels with some of my girls, the church, then lunch and then back to princeton, BUT not before stopping in DC and seeing my sweet friend ashley! what a sweet gift of a trip. so grateful for the time to see all of this great people

(on a side note, nicky had to stay in princeton during this whole time. was sad to be without him. he did manage to survive though by ordering an extra large pizza on friday, which lasted him until sunday. pizza and basketball… gotta love it)

which brings us to now! this week has been filled with more basketball (shocker, i know). both watching and playing. last night our intramural team play 3 game. one at 7. one at 9. and then the championship game at 10. by the end of the night i think the fatigue caught up to us, and we lost but it was a fun season!

so, that is just a snippet. but its an update. hope everyone is doing well. spring is coming!


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A Glimpse Into My Life

So normally I don’t get very dressed up for school.  Jeans and a sweatshirt are pretty typical.  But today I got rather dressed up, and people kept asking me if I had an interview or was preaching.  Neither one, actually.  It’s a funny story really, and a friend of mine I told it to today suggested I could make it into a blog post and give people a little glimpse into how my mind works…

So first, this is what I wore today…corduroy pants, button down shirt, sweater, and sport coat

The funny part of the story, however, is how I arrived at this outfit.  I woke up this morning like normal, ready to put on my jeans and sweatshirt, but when I looked at the jeans on the floor…

I realized I had worn them at least three days running, probably more.  So I decided to get a different pair of pants out of the closet and came across the blue corduroys I hadn’t worn in a while.  But, my black Wake Forest sweatshirt on the ground near my jeans doesn’t really match, or so I hear, so I found a nice blue button down.  Which happened to be wrinkled.  So I found a sweater to cover up the wrinkles.  But it’s still pretty cold outside, and since I was already dressy, I didn’t want to ruin it with an old ski jacket, so I put on a sport coat.  Voila!  Dressed up on accident.


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