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Day 2- Wittenberg

After going to bed fairly early, we also woke up pretty early in Berlin, checked out of our hotel, and walked down the street to pick up our rental car.With my dads driving skills and my navigating genius, we somehow managed to make it to Wittenberg in pretty good time.  It was a nice drive, as vast fields of this yellow flower were in bloom all over.

Once in Wittenberg, we checked into to our Best Western, which was in a great location, only 50 feet from Luther’s house.  It also had free wireless Internet, so I got to Skype with Sarah!  Wittenberg was where Luther lived for most of his life, and where the Reformation started, so there was plenty to see.  We started out at Luther’s Oak, the site where he burned the Papal edict which excommunicated him.

Next we headed back to Luther’s house, which is now a museum as well.  Unfortunately, my picture of his living room came out a little blurry.

One of the neat things about the Luther house is that almost immediately after his death it became a museum, and during his travels through Europe, Russian tsar Peter the Great came through the Luther living room and scratched his name on the door.

After the Luther house we walked a few hundred feet down the street to the house of Luther’s colleague and fellow reformer Philip Melancthon.

Luther’s parish church in which he was the pastor during his time in Wittenberg.

In the little chapel of this church, there was a short, English language service that my dad and I went to.

We then headed up to the Castle Church, the other big church in town.

This is where Luther nailed his 95 Theses.  The original doors were lost in a fire, but they were replaced with metal doors engraved with the Theses.

We climbed the tower and had a nice view of the city.

Inside, the church contains the graves of both Prince Elector Fredrick and the Wise, and Martin Luther himself.

One more inside the church.  Sorry it’s a little blurry.  I wasn’t allowed to use my flash.

Believe me, I have lots of other pictures (just ask Sarah) but these were the highlights for the day.  We had a good, but mosquito infested dinner and then headed to bed early, ready to drive on again in the morning.


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I’m Back! Day 1-Berlin

Hey Everybody!

After spending the last 10 days in Germany, I’ve safely landed back home in the US.  There’s so much to tell about Germany that I’m going to attempt to a post about each day.  Hopefully I’ll stay on task…

So after not sleeping on the trans-atlantic flight, my dad and arrived in Berlin around 8am German time on Thursday, May 20th.  On no sleep, we went to the hotel, dropped off our bags and began our attempt not to fall asleep before it got dark.  We succeeded, but I did almost fall over from exhaustion in a couple of museums.

We wandered out of our hotel and before long came across the Brandenberg Gate. 

It was neat to the see the Russian and American soldiers (actors) in front of the gate.  The observant eye might also notice the Stormtrooper in background!  Not sure what he was doing there.

Next we walked over to the German parliament building, the Reichstag.

And on to Checkpoint Charlie…

Nothing like Hawaiian pizza for lunch.  Not very German, but good.

The Holocaust memorial with the Reichstag dome in the background.

We finished off the day with a few other minor attractions and some really cool museums.  My favorite was the Pergamon Museum.

Pretty impressive that they got these Roman and Greek pieces into a museum.

This next picture is really cool because it’s from Babylon around the time that they conquered Israel in the 6th century BC.  It’s possible, and even likely that Israelite prisoners walked right through this gate.

By 9pm or so we had had about all we could take and headed back to the hotel, but couldn’t resist a little comfort food from right across the street.

And then, even thought I had a little bit of a cold, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, ready to continue the adventure early in the morning…

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hello good people.

just wanted to add an update of things going on up here! we’ve been busy, yet having a ton of fun so that is great combination.

a few weekends ago i was able to go see my good friend caroline who is a pole vaulter for clemson. she was completing in the penn relays, a HUGE track and field competition with college, high school, 70 plus, middle school and even olympic competitions where usain bolt competed. pretty awesome. it was so fun to hang in philly with her and get to see some awesome track and field meets. she’s the bomb.

this past weekend we had the gift of nicks parents coming go visit! we had lunch on friday with a professor at the seminary who knew nick’s grandfather (charles merritt nielsen), and then we walked over and got to see some letters his grandfather had wrote which were in the archives of the seminary library. such a neat thing to be able to look back on. we also enjoyed cooking out with some neighbors, eating yummy food, and getting to just be together! it was so great to have them here.

work has been truckin along for me. i love my job. i love the kids. i love the 4 day weeks. the people i work with are fabulous and fun. it is the right fit and i am so grateful for the new freedom it has brought.

me, sarah, and olga - awesome people i work with!

this weekend has been relaxing thus far. the big event yesterday was that i played my first 18 holes of golf. shocking, i know. it is one of the sports nick loves, that i have never really tried. and i am proud to report we had a great time! we didnt keep score which always helps. but it was 70 degrees, blue sky, and beautiful afternoon and i am grateful we were able to play. i think we are going to try to make this a more regular thing. i did my best to look the part…

today we are SO CLOSE to finishing a 1000 piece puzzle we started a few weeks ago… it will get done today. no worries.


in other news. happy birthday to my amazing father! its his special day today and he is enjoying it out on the harley with my mama! love you daddy!

we also want to say happy mothers day to all the awesome mama’s out there, especially our own!

if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know. or if you read it let us know… ha. miss everybody. love from the jerz.


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