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my husband is famous…

nick’s sermon 8/22/2010


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forget to mention…

SIR donald merritt nielsen dominated bowling. i cant believe i forgot to announce that! it should have been the lead of my whole birthday recap. my sincerest apologizes to my father-in-law. 🙂 (you asked for it don….)

and also… my HAMMOCK!


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and here we go…

ok- august was insano. BUT awesome. so here we go…

doug and jess. douger was one of my best friends at fsu. and now he leaves about an hour from us with his wife. amazing how life works!

we met them in the city for the night and had fun at dinner and h&m!

2 weeks later we were back in the city celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

we had a nice romantic dinner at dave and busters! ha... jk, we played games and i dominated nick.

for example... skeeball, my score is on the left.

then we saw "in the heights" which was UNREAL. we LOVED it! highly recommend it.

we greatly enjoyed the edison hotel. thank you ryan prem!

and... enjoyed an awesome pulled pork sandwich before heading back to princeton on saturday!

on our actually anniversary (monday) nicky got me flowers. beautiful!

tuesday night we went to the phillies game (thanks to the voltmers for AWESOME SEATS)

wednesday we headed to winston-salem for the weekend! catherine and john's wedding, my 25th birthday, and kernal kustard!

then, the REAL moment... sweet john having some downtime moments before the wedding.

nick gave the homily. it was wonderful and so special for him to be able to do that for his sister.

and they are married!!!

with john and catherine... they are wonderful.

also enjoyed having my awesome parents in town too!

with the preacherman!

daddy/daughter dance 🙂

and the bride!

it was so fun! then came the birthday which included church at first pres, lunch at tj’s with the french’s, a NAP!, bowling with my girls, dinner with the nielsens and my parents, and carrot cake with satterwhites! love being with people i love!

so now we are back in the jerz. i have an XM radio (thank you mom and dad!) and a HAMMOCK (thank you nicky)!!! and i am enjoying both of them greatly.

i think thats all i got for now. im tired and lookin forward to the weekend. prayers are going up for nick tonight as he has his ordination exams tomorrow and saturday. as he put it tonight, “its only the rest of our lives!” ha. but for real, he is going to do great and keep him in your prayers. bye blod world.


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JUNE?! really… JUNE was the last time we posted? that is a sad sad thing.

i cant really go into detail now cause i need to go to work, but i just had to change the last updated post from june to now!

things you are sure to read about soon.

-nyc with our friends doug and jess

-a prayer conference in chapel hill. SO refreshing

-nick’s field ed, which is good but BUSY.

-my work, which is good but BUSY too.

-the wedding of lindsay carmen which i was in last weekend. so beautiful

our upcoming schedule:

-friday, aug 6: off to nyc for the night to celebrate our anniversary. 2 YEARS!

-monday, august 9: our actual anniversary day

-tuesday aug 10: going to a phillies game. was given tickets (and AMAZING seats) by our friends the voltmers!

-wednesday aug 11: fly down to the dash

-thurs aug 12- sat aug 14: nick’s sister is getting married!! let the festivities begin

-sun aug 16: my 25th bday. whoop, whoop.

SOOOOO… shall we have time to post some pics and stories before then?? i sure do hope so!!!

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