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2011, pt. 3!

after a fantastic thanksgiving, we zipped through december and made it down to orlando for christmas!

first we decorated the tree…

then we went to a magic game! (they won!)

my brother with the magic 🙂

i saw a LOT of friends! it was fantastic.

we had a lovely christmas eve, and an AWESOME christmas!

we gangsta.

some good cookin is about to happen.

then we played some games that got kind of intense, nick won alot of ping pong and it was just a glorious time!

we returned to snow!


we got back, worked, and then ran in a 5k! thanks to sarah aziz (cousin) and kathy tomlinson (sister-in-law) i am running in a half marathon so i gotta get ready!

oh, and there was another big FSU win! HOLLAR!

so that is a 3 part look at the last few months. hope you enjoyed. maybe nick will write someday. much love from the jerz…


oh and how could i forget… i got a sign copy of bobby bowden’s new book. AMAZING!

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2011, pt. 2

okkk…. for the rest of 2010.


-clemson, sc with nick’s family… SO FUN! we got to spend alot of time with nick’s parents, grandparents, and his sister and brother-in-law. it was so special.

-nick golfed. really well.

-POTTER! while there, we saw harry potter 7. it was awesome.

-early christmas from the nielsens… we got a WII!!! we’ve loved it! hours of entertainment.

then the NOLES dominated the gators. AMAZING….


-and i went to an 80’s party. so fun!

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good gracious. #1, this has not been very regular, which is our fault. i havent posted since nov. and nick hasnt posted since MAY! so maybe you should be giving him a hard time.

BUT, nonetheless its 2011. kind of unbelievable.

since i last posted, so much has happened, so i will try to be as brief as possible. i actually will do a couple of posts, and have them post over the next few days..

first, and most significantly, on november 22, 2010 my amazing grandmother, geebee passed away and is now with the lord. i was able to go down and spend time with her in september, as well as november so i was grateful to have that time with her.

she inspired me in more ways than i can write. her intelligence, her vibrance, her zest for life, and her amazing artistic ability is something i can only dream of. she is one of the strongest women i have ever known. and i miss so much about her.

here are some memories:

-RUSSIA, may 2006.

one of geebee's favorite stops. catherine the great's castle.


for my college graduation we went on a 10 day cruise from st. petersburg to moscow. memories i will treasure forever.
enjoying dinner with some friends we met on board.
another place geebee loved, she admired this woman for a long time…


on our road trip, kel and i spent some time in plymouth with geebee:


with geebee on her 71st bday

candle pin bowling!

and at my wedding…


what a woman!!!

these are just a few. but i miss this woman.

this was at her memorial, and written by her. i think it is marvelous…

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