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so for the first time. in a LONG time. this is actually an informative blog. a way to share with those who read it what is going on in our lives. not that i think you don’t care about our IM basketball success. BUT, things are starting to happen so here is the update as of now!

nick is ONE week away from being done with classes forever. he spent 3 years learning all about divinity, theology, history, and big words that i can’t even try to spell. he has gone through the insane process of becoming a candidate for ordination in the presbyterian church (usa), which has included…

– NUMEROUS trips down to winston-salem to meet with the committee for preparation of ministry (cpm), the session of first pres winston-salem, and the salem presbytery.

-passing 5 ordination exams: bible content, theology, worship, exegesis of scripture (greek), AND polity. woah.

-waiting for the exam results, waiting for meetings, waiting, waiting, waiting…

-preparing a PIF (pastor information form) which is an extensive look into who he is as a person, what he believes, and the things he is passionate about in terms of becoming a pastor somewhere.

so… we have gone through all of that, and now, in 5 weeks, nick will be graduating with a masters in divinity from princeton theological seminary.

so whats next? good question.

-nick has begun to send out his PIF to churches and we are hoping the lord will lead us to the right one.

-although we have made attempts to try and stay in our current apartment beyond the end of our lease date (june 30), we have been unsuccessful so we will be moving out on june 27.

-right now, our destination is nick’s parents house in winston. they have graciously offered up the top floor of their house which we’ll prob convert into our own little apartment.

-for how long is the BIG question… if we hear from churches before the june 27 date, we’ll likely start to look for places soon. but most churches move slow (as they should, BIG DECISION!), so we’ll see how long we are there.

-i am leaving my job june 16 which is a pretty big bummer. i know the first year we were here all i wanted to do was leave! but i have been with bright horizons for the past year, and i SERIOUSLY love my job. so much so, that i am not ready to leave them! i have 10 amazing children, such fun friends as coworkers, and am so fulfilled by what i do. i let them know on friday… my heart is a little sad!

i am sure the next 10 weeks will FLY. we have a vacation to jacksonville, nick’s graduation, LOTS of packing and some goodbyes before then… but we are trusting the lord in this process.

maybe now that lots of things are happening, ill be more faithful in updating the blog 🙂 but this is the update as of now. please keep us in your prayers as we try and figure out what is next! love from the jerz.

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