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m. div.

so… up next in the month of may was the whole reason we’ve been in princeton for 3 years! nick graduated from seminary! we had family in town, friends over, lots of yummy food, and even made it through the speculation of the end times (as evidenced by his speaker at baccalaureate below).

anyway… it was amazing to have everyone together. here are some pictures from the weekend.

lunch at mediterra before graduation

my mom and dad ventured up for the occasion

before the ceremony. trying to figure out how the heck to get on his "hood"

the university chapel

oh happy day!

go team!!

with his proud parents!

after graduation, we hosted a reception at our apartment. 20 people. lots of food. lots of fun!

nick with the ladies 🙂 my friends jenn and kaley

did i mention we had food?

as well as nick's fav desserts!

so proud of nick nielsen, master of divinity!

tomorrow so pics from the catskills…

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hey friends… so begins a string of new posts. because it is memorial day, and i have TONS of free time on my hands. i will write a couple of posts, and then have them published in a delayed manor. so you can come back everyday and find something new! well, at least for 3 days. but nonetheless… enjoy.


our first big trip in may was down to florida. we arrived on may 8th, which happened to my dad’s birthday AND mothers day, so it was a fun celebration. my brother and i made dinner for our parents, and for nick and kathy so that my mom and dad could have the night off. we had SO much fun seeing all of them, and can’t wait for a reunion soon on the cruise!

my view out the plane

my view of nicky

next, we headed up to jacksonville for some vacation time. we spend the first two nights in the riverdale inn, which was a gorgeous bed and breakfast. this was my graduation present to nick.

riverdale inn, jacksonville

right on the st. johns river! so nice...

right on the st. johns river! so nice...

the french pantry. a local suggested it. doesnt look like much on the outside...

but there was LOTS of yummy goodness on the inside!

we enjoyed an afternoon at the cummer museum and gardens

beautiful gardens

for the kelker

we did go to st. augustine as well. nick saw the historical stuff, i saw this...

the second part of the trip, we went to a healing prayer conference. it was a really special time for us… especially right before nick heads into ministry. we were so thankful for the chance to be down there. 10 whole days without working was nice for me! and enjoying that time together was so fun!


tomorrow you’ll get to read about graduation! get excited…

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so… i was driving today and this is all that i saw…

and i also noticed this..

i mean, it is not so bad when trees look like this…

but its rather depressing looking at this from nov-april (slight exaggeration)…

so when you are driving home and you see this….

you become a little overjoyed. who would have thought seeing GREEN leaves would be so exciting?

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may of 2011. for so long this month has represented so much, it is hard to believe that it is FINALLY HERE!

first, things have been trucking along up here. nick is DONE with classes which is a huge relief. he is now working part time at the library till we leave! and is also focused on finding a job. easter was fun, and i made some YUMMY peanut butter chocolate eggs from a paula deen recipe. ive made them every easter so this is a tasty tradition that is fun to look forward to…

so, what is coming up?

FLORIDA! next sunday, may 8, we will be headed down to florida for the week. we will not only celebrate mothers day, but also my dad’s birthday. it will be so nice to be with my family, and to be in WARM weather!

once we are in florida, we will be heading up to jacksonville for the week. we will have a mini-vacation the first two days… probably going to the beach, checking out st. augustine, and fun things like that. the end of the week we will be going to a prayer conference which should be so refreshing. i think it will be a time of renewal for us before we embark on the next stage of our lives together.

downtown jacksonville

may 21. GRADUATION DAY! we will have both of our parents here, nicks sister and her husband, and nick’s grandmother here to celebrate this important day. we are so excited because the end of this time, means the beginning of something new!

so what will be new? well, we don’t know yet, BUT we are going to flying down to wilson, nc in june for an interview with a church there. it seems like an awesome fit, so we are just trusting the lords timing and provision. we know he will lead us to the right place. so whether that is wilson, winston, or even princeton we are trusting him!

sunday is a catch-up day for us. there’s laundry, there’s church, there’s naps, and there is ALWAYS the amazing race…

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