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a look back [florida]

we were fortunate enough to visit florida TWICE during our in-between time…

the first was an amazing christmas present from my parents, a DISNEY CRUISE! we went a 4 night, 5 day cruise to the bahamas and castaway cay with my mom and dad, as well as david and kathy. needless to say… it was magical 🙂

all aboard!


the runners.

pirate night. the fav.

on our way back to orlando we made a quick stop here!

the second time we journeyed south it was for something i’ve been waiting for since nick and i started dating! bringing him to one of my favorite places on this planet. florida state university!

we were able to go down on a game weekend and my cousin tracy who works WAY up for aramark completely hooked us up. she allowed us to watch the game from the presidents box at doak campbell stadium! the view was UNREAL. the food was fantastic. and the noles DOMINATED. (which i must confess, they havent done the past few weeks…) im so glad i was able to share this part of my heart and soul with NICK!

finally got him in some seminole clothing!


AND, last but not least. nick have a tradition, we started it in the poconos on labor day of 2009:

it then continued in chicago around labor day of 2010…

and we have now added year THREE! in front of the most beautiful college football stadium in the land!

woah. nick.

until our next update…

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where to begin…

when you go about 4 months without writing anything, it is hard to know where to start!

i could begin with the fun we’ve had… the trips to see friends, and family and the time to just rest and be.

or. there is also the time of waiting and wondering where the lord would take us. the visiting different churches. and nick preaching. and interviewing. and did i mention, waiting?

and we also have been able to be as grounded as an “in-between” phase could be. staying with nick’s family in winston. me doing some babysitting, and nick trying to prepare as much as he could for whatever would come next and whenever that next step might come! but all of that leads us to here. this friday, september 30th, the movers will come and on sunday october 2nd, calypso presbyterian church will be meeting their new pastor… nick nielsen. pretty neat huh? i’ll try to put a few post together to string together the past few months. but this is where we are now. we’re so thankful for this new place. we believe this is where the lord is calling us. we are so excited about the church, and the people, and the town, and the future.

some fun facts about calypso:

yup, its one-square mile…

population: 538 in the 2010 census… BOOMING!

located in duplin county, which apparently makes some yummy wine and peanuts!

we’ll be minutes away from mt. olive, nc… home of..

so… thats just a glimpse. we’re excited!

will share more fun things soon!


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