turkey (trot), and beef.

01 Dec

well… if you know us well you know that instead of turkey on thanksgiving, the tomlinson side of the family likes to eat beef tenderloin instead of turkey! a little blasphemous. i know… but its our tradition. and its YUMMY. but we found other way’s to incorporate “turkey” this year as you’ll see below… my mom and dad, and my brother david, and sister-in-law kathy were all here to celebrate and we had LOTS of fun. all the photos below are thanks to our resident photographer, kathy… thanks!

thanksgiving morning... "TURKEY" trot!!!


i run, so i can eat this.... (chocolate pie - i baked on wednesday)

and this... (pecan-pumpkin roll)

and these... TURKEY krispies made by kathy!

and lest we forget.

whew! what a day! LOVED having my family here!!


this is a bit of a transition, but on the sunday after thanksgiving was a special service at calypso presbyterian called the hanging of the greens. it is where the members of the church decorate the sanctuary with poinsettias, evergreens branches, and the children decorate the tree. the choir also sang carols and it was the first sunday of advent.

the final result!

and as a treat if you are interested… nick had to do a short meditation for the sermon so i put it on youtube…

lots of love!

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