a run through december!

10 Jan

there are a lot of things i could say. but pictures are more exciting, and are a much more succinct way of sharing our life with you so here we go.

hello season of advent. it was BUSY. but this was our tree. a gracious gift of a member in the congregation.

my favorite ornament.

after we put up all our decorations, we hosted an open house for the church so they could see what we have done with the place! it was “milk and cookies” so here were the cookies I made…

my dad, brother, and nick used their handy skills to put together frames to go in all the windows with lights on them, so even the outside of our house was beautiful!

well, then we had a minor setback. i had some pretty intense stomach issues which involved a week of being mis-diagnosed with diverticulitis, and then correctly diagnosed with some pretty yucky intestinal stuff. but after a couple nights in the hospital, i was finally able to start feeling better. it was pretty rough for a patch there though.

we stayed in calypso right through christmas morning. nick did a wonderful job with the christmas eve and christmas morning services and then headed to winston christmas night to be with nick’s family for a couple days. we really enjoyed being with his family!

we made it back to calypso in time for some more fun things, and finally remembered to start taking pictures again… well, and getting this new toy helped 🙂

New Year's eve, we did what every person who lives near Mt. Olive is obliged to do...

it was (of course) on the corner of cucumber and vine

where else can you get a scratch and sniff pickle sticker?

It was basically just like being in times square 🙂

we even got a picture with Ollie (who happens to be a member at our church!)

from new years eve, to resolution! we ran this race this past saturday. super fun.

afterwards, we walked around wilmington... loved it.

my week days are spent with this guy... mr. jt wolfe. he's a champ

and i think thats about it for now. we are going to be heading to orlando next week which will be great. nick has a conference. and ill get to hang with my parents… so itll be good. although its been a busy past few weeks… we have made it, and we are still so glad to be here in calypso. sending lots of love…

p.s. all of nick’s sermons are online now… i put them on weekly under the sermons tab. they’re pretty good if i do say so myself!

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