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so nick and i both grew up with cats. i dont know if you would call us cat people… but we dont mind them.

now, when it comes to getting a domesticated animal. that would be out of the question. you see – pets cost money, and im married to nick nielsen. i dont think i need to explain.

BUT, a couple weeks ago, we were walking home from church and this guy (soon to be discovered.. girl) followed us home.

she was cute, and sweet… but we didnt know if she belonged to someone. so we asked around and she didnt seem to have a home. nick was all about feeding her. and i TOLD him, once we feed her, she’s never leaving! but, he said as long as she keeps any possible rodents away, i dont mind having her around!

so… she has stayed. we’ve named her charlie. my parents have a boy cat named charlie, and nick had a girl cat named charlie, so i guess thats the only name we know for cats!

she likes to sit here…

she just watches us wonder around!

she really is a sweet cat. we’ve been talking, and nick has a no-house rule. but once its 20-degrees outside, we might have to discuss that! we shall see. all around, she’s a great cat, and we’re glad she chose us.



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some fotos from my phone. just because.

one of my loves... nehemiah.

my classroom, part 1

the other side of my classroom!

killer rainbow

my new gift! love it.

reminder. today we go to wilson. PRAY!

and tomorrow’s nick’s birthday… so tell him he’s cool 🙂

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New Jersey Toyotas

It’s official.  Sarah and I now own two cars registered in the state of New Jersey.  I drove up the 95 corolla this past weekend and have been busy getting it all legal here in Jersey, including putting on a front license plate, which meant I had to drill some holes in the front bumper.  Anyway, it makes me a little sad to see New Jersey plates on such a good North Carolina car, but my only hope is that they’ll give the car some magic protection against the winter and keep it running for at least two more years.  Here are some pictures of the sadness…

njtags 001

Notice how I blacked out the license plate because I know our readership is so incredibly large.  Plus that's what cool people do.

Notice how I blacked out the license plate because I know our readership is so incredibly large. Plus that's what cool people do.

For those of you who read this blog because of Sarah (most of you), she’ll be adding an update about this past weekend before too long.  And by the way, just to set the record straight, I won over 50 percent of our contests at ESPN zone.  I would have won them all but I didn’t want Sarah to feel bad…


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Hello World!

So, I was reminded today that the last time I posted anything was February 26th, so I thought it might be time for me to put my two cents in.

First, on the athletic front, we’ve had some disappointment.  After an undefeated regular season, we lost by 1 at the last second in our championship game.  Which was not fun, but the game (and the season) was really lots of fun.  I guess we have two more years to bring home the title and the coveted intramural champion t-shirt.  Intramural ultimate frisbee has started now, and I actually have a double header tomorrow, games at 10 and 11, so that’s been helping me move on from basketball.  It’s also starting to really feel like spring (finally) and I played tennis today for the first time since we’ve been here!

Watching sports has unfortunately also been a bitter disappointment.  I can’t remember a worse NCAA tournament.  Basically, I cheer for Wake and Duke, and then the rest of the ACC, minus UNC.  So thus, far in the tourney, Wake got killed in the first round, Duke lost last night, and the rest of the ACC has already bombed out, except of course, the one team, UNC, who I want to lose.

School is going well and this semester is rapidly coming to close.  Three more weeks before finals!  Luckily for me, aside from finals, I don’t have too much work.  My last New Testament paper was due this past Tuesday and the rest of my work seemed to be due earlier in the semester than normal.

I think that’s about it!

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